Finance Lease

A finance lease is a contract in which a finance company (lessor) buys an automobile, machinery, or equipment to an organization (lessee) in return of monthly instalments for a fixed period.

Contract Hire

Contract hire, sometimes referred to as vehicle leasing, is a financial arrangement in which the consumer leases a vehicle for fixed monthly payments throughout the term. This option enables you, the user, to hire a vehicle for a specific time frame and amount of miles for a fixed monthly charge. All administrative tasks, as well as vehicle tax, and optional servicing plans, are the responsibility of the leasing firm.

Hire Purchase

A hire purchase lease allows you to purchase the asset at the end of the contract. After a down payment, the remaining amount is paid in equal monthly installments.

Operating Lease

An operating lease is a rental contract that allows you, the customer, to utilise an asset for a predetermined time in exchange for monthly rental payments to the lessor.

Soft Asset Financing

Soft asset financing is a flexible option for getting the accessories and software your company needs to run and expand. Soft assets are vital to the operation of the business. They are crucial to its effective administration and organisation – often classified as IT infrastructure and software, security features, furniture, and fixtures. Many types of financial agreements are offered, and the best choice will rely on the company’s specific goals.