Plants and Manufacturing Finance

By using our asset financing facility, organisations with Plant and Manufacturing units can purchase machines to enhance production capability. The cost of the financed asset is divided into monthly instalments thereby allowing manufacturers to forecast monthly costs to purchase assets.

Construction and Engineering Finance

Engineering and construction companies are vital for modern economies and play a phenomenal role in the growth and development of a country. Many construction and engineering firms require short-term funds immediately to commence a project. They do so due to a shortage of funds or to use funds intelligently.

Sustainable and Green Finance

Modern businesses adapt sustainable and clean business practices to avoid environmental demage. Asset Finance would like to partner with such organisations to ensure a sustainable future. Asset Finance helps businesses to access and obtain clean and sustainable asset financing at affordable rates. In general, we connect businesses with responsible lenders that finance green machinery and equipment.

Agriculture and Farming Finance

Asset Finance has decades of expertise working directly with rural businesses to understand their needs. We know how much productivity, profitability, and performance can be enhanced by locating suitable agriculture and farming financing solutions.

Office, Telecoms, IT, and Technology Finance

You might need assistance buying office, technology, IT, or telecom equipment as a business when you do not want to disturb your cash flow. That is when Asset Finance comes into play. We will help you find the financiers of the assets your business needs.

School and Education Finance

Schools and other educational institutions can optimize their students’ learning experience by obtaining new technologies such as tablets, multimedia projectors, and science lab apparatuses. With rising prices, it may be challenging for educational organizations to buy these items timely.

Haulage Finance

Haulage (commercial goods transport) companies play a pivotal role in the UK economy by acting as a bridge between freight senders and freight receivers. We are here to help you if you are a commercial goods transporter wanting to lease the business’s assets. We are an asset financing platform that empowers businesses by assisting them to get fleets or equipment fast on easy instalments.

Transport and Private Hire Finance

Transport companies can use financing options to manage funds intelligently. As a leading asset financing platform, Asset Finance can provide transport and private hire finance options to match your needs to small, medium, and large businesses alike.

Healthcare and Medical Finance

The healthcare system in the UK works with the help of stakeholders such as GP surgeries, pharma companies, veterinary doctors, dental clinics, and cosmetic clinics.

Horsebox Finance

Your horse might be your best friend, and you always like to keep your horse safe from potential dangers. If you do not have a horsebox or trailer and want to ensure your four-legged pal’s safety, Asset Finance can help you get a horsebox or trailer fast through smooth horsebox financing.

Leisure and Hospitality Finance

Leisure and hospitality companies often experience rapid growth, and they want to expand their operations at a location, or they want to open at new locations, which requires them to purchase expensive assets. Arranging funds often take time, and the opportunity gets lost due to the delay.