What is Motorbike Finance?

Whether you have got your CBT or you have your Cat A Full Licence, we are here to help you get the finance you need to buy your new Motorbike.
Motorbikes are becoming an ever more popular purchase for all ages as a mode of transport for work or even just for fun. This economical way to travel proves even more popular! Whether you’re looking for a zippy 125cc or the bigger engine bikes like a Ducati, Suzuki or Yamaha, talk to us about exactly what you need and we will do all the work on your behalf to get the finance in place.
Through our hand-picked lenders we can help you get finance for any of the following road legal bikes:-
Please bear in mind:-

    Motorcycle Finance options

    Personal Contract Purchase

    PCP contracts are a widespread way to finance all types of vehicles, which includes motorcycles. These arrangements can help you purchase a motorcycle with cheaper monthly instalments than in a Hire Purchase.
    Please Note: Owing to the voluntary final payments, you would have to pay more interest on a PCP agreement than on an HP agreement for the same loan amount, term, and APR*.
    You will have three options at the completion of the contract:
    Part Exchanging the Motorcycle
    You can part-exchange the motorcycle at the completion of the contract if you pay off your previous agreement in full.
    Returning the Motorbike.
    At the end of the contract, you have the option to return the motorcycle. The motorcycle must be in good working order and must not exceed the maximum kilometers allowed.
    Own the Motorbike.
    You can purchase the bike outright if you pay the optional final payment. If you choose this option, we may be able to assist you with financing the “balloon payment or Lump Sum payment.”

    Hire Purchase

    Hire Purchase is a versatile sort of car financing that can make acquiring your new motorcycle a breeze. The whole cost of the bike will be spread out over the life of the contract with flexible instalments and set monthly payments. You will own the bike outright at the end of the arrangement there may or may not be a minimal handing over charge to transfer the ownership of the bike.