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Trade Financing

Purchase order finance, import finance, or trade financing is a type of project financing where a supplier borrows funds to fulfil an order placed by a customer. This page briefly discusses trade finance.

Invoice Financing

It is a facility through which business owners can utilise their unpaid invoices for physical money. Many businesses opt for this facility because it allows users to get upto 90% of the unpaid invoice financed . Once the company’s client or customer pays the invoice, the lender will release the total money, excluding any fees and charges and recoup the funds initially paid out.

Bridging Finance

It is a short-term loan secured by a business asset such as a warehouse, barn, industrial unit, or workplace building. Bridging finance might assist your company in covering occasional but urgent expenses.

Cashflow Funding

A cash flow loan is provided to companies that need help in their cash flow management. It is relatively less secure than other loans and is usually secured by the company’s anticipated cash flows. This service is used to handle business activities such as paying bills, training personnel, and providing wages to employees.

Commercial Lending

It is a service that was made to aid companies by giving them lending options through which they can accelerate their business growth rapidly. Businesses of all ages and sizes can benefit from an injection of business finance; in fact, a well-timed push of extra cash into your company can be very advantageous.