What is Supercar & Hypercar Finance?

For the thrill seekers amongst us, driving a supercar or hypercar is something we could only usually dream about. Track Experience days allows us to have a taste of the high life and gives us the adrenalin rush we crave when we think of these cars.
Owning a supercar or even a hypercar is now so much more accessible and affordable than you may think. With our hand selected specialist finance partners ready to get you into your ultimate mean machine, your dedicated account manager can talk through all the options with you and between you, you can decide which is going to be the best option to suit your needs.

Finance Options for Race Cars

There are 3 main finance options to look at for financing these types of vehicles

Lease Purchase

Similar to HP but will give you lower monthly payments. There will be an agreed balloon payment owed at the end of the agreement or the vehicle will be passed on to the finance company

Hire Purchase

This option will have slightly higher payments, but you will have the option to purchase the vehicle outright at the end of the agreement.

Equity Purchase

This is where you release the equity from other vehicles you own to purchase this one

Things to consider when thinking of buying a Supercar or Hypercar:-