Haulage (commercial goods transport) companies play a pivotal role in the UK economy by acting as a bridge between freight senders and freight receivers. We are here to help you if you are a commercial goods transporter wanting to lease the business’s assets. We are an asset financing platform that empowers businesses by assisting them to get fleets or equipment fast on easy instalments.

Notable Types of Agreements

Some notable types of agreements include the following:
We know the requirements of haulage companies, and we can find the best-suited assets at the most competitive rates from a panel of lenders.

    Notable Benefits Of Haulage Finance

    Some notable advantages of asset finance for haulage are:
    A leaseback or sale deal option allows organizations to sell an asset they own. For example, a company that owns an asset can sell it to a financial company, but that financial company will return some of the value of the asset to the cash flow of the company.
    Benefits of Refinancing
    Refinancing your current assets might benefit your company in the following ways:

    How Does Haulage Financing Work?

    Step 1

    Select the assets you need.

    Step 2

    Reach out to us and share the assets you need.

    Step 3

    Asset Finance will select the lenders for your assets.

    Step 4

    Finalise the lender and sign the relevant documents.

    Step 5

    Asset Finance will complete the deal and deliver the assets to you.

    Besides asset finance, we also have other corporate financing options for your organisations. Our team of experts is always ready to help you find excellent assets at a reasonable cost.

    Some More Financing Options

    Some other financing options include the following: