What is Electric Car Financing?

With the rise in popularity of the Electric and Hybrid vehicles, we have taken the time to research and partner with the best lenders that understand the requirement of their customers in this ever-increasing vehicle choice.
Cost conscious customers will be pleased to know that we work with every single one of you on your bespoke needs, so you can be assured that we will put together the perfect package to suit YOU. We are not a ‚Äėone solution fits all‚Äô broker and we take great pride in this fact.

    Types of Electric Cars Asset Finance Finances

    Asset Finance deals in a variety of different car ranges. We have categorised all sorts of Electric cars we can help our customers with.

    Electric Vehicle (EV)

    An electric vehicle is simply referred to as an EV. EVs are cars that are fueled entirely or partially by electricity.

    Battery electric vehicle (BEV)

    BEVs, also known as pure electric vehicles, purely electric vehicles, or all-electric vehicles, are electric vehicles that run only on chemical energy stored in rechargeable battery packs.

    Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

    A hybrid vehicle has an internal combustion engine (typically running on petrol) and an electric engine driven by batteries.

    The plug-in hybrid (PHEV)

    It is a vehicle that uses batteries to drive the car and uses petrol to power an internal combustion engine. It is called Plug-in Hybrid because it needs to be plugged in to get charged.

    Mild electric vehicle (MHEV)

    Mild electric vehicles have an internal combustion engine that is connected to an electric motor in a parallel hybrid setup. The electronic motor allows the engine to be switched off whenever the automobile is coasting, braking, or halted.