What is Truck Financing?

Asset Finance along with all the asset financing options is also one of the biggest names in Truck Financing. It is pretty straightforward to understand why pick-up trucks are becoming more and more popular in the UK among both commercial and private purchasers.
For many people, a reliable commercial vehicle that can also serve as a family car is a golden mix, especially since they can be equipped with high-tech features and luxurious amenities
Whatever your need might be, needing a truck to move big equipment, a valuable cargo, or a pick-up truck. You can think of various ways you can use trucks to make your commercial or personal life better and easier and we at AF can assist you in obtaining superb truck finance alternatives to secure your ideal vehicle.

    Pick-up Truck Finance ‚Äď Commercial Options

    Lease Purchase

    Lease Purchase is a versatile option for users wanting for monthly loan repayments that are easy to manage.
    Your base monthly payments are computed based on a set contract length, expected miles, and expected car value at the conclusion of the term. Your buyer could either purchase the truck by settling the residual value, or sell the truck and cover the residual amount, or return it at the conclusion of the payment period.

    Purchase Hire

    It is a straightforward method of financing the purchase of a new or used car. You (typically) pay a down payment, then monthly payments until the vehicle's worth are paid off, at which point ownership is given to you.

    Finance Lease

    In Finance Lease you have a long-term customizable leasing agreement that enables you to use a commercial truck without the worries of ownership. Finance Lease agreements are divided into two categories: 'balloon' payback and full payout.

    Pick-up Truck Finance ‚Äď Private Options

    Hire Purchase

    A straightforward and flexible financing option that divides the cost into fixed monthly payments and transfers possession of the truck to you at the expiration of the contract.

    Contract Hire

    This can be an option for pick-up trucks, and it's effectively a type of long-term renting. It's a common way of company truck funding and rising as a sort of personal leasing.

    PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

    A minimal down payment is required, backed by set monthly instalments. You can either return the vehicle or pay a lump sum payment (Balloon Payment) to keep it at the conclusion of the term.

    Lease Purchase

    If you wish to own the truck at the end of the agreement, a Conditional Sale is a perfect option. Typically, you pay a cash deposit or trade in your previous vehicle, then pay predetermined monthly instalments over a certain period of time. There really are no restrictions on mileage, maintenance obligations, or additional fees, and possession of the truck is transferred at the end of the contract with no option to return it.