What is Prestige & Luxury Car Finance?

Where you have always thought it wouldn’t be possible to own your own prestige or luxury car, Leodis Financial are here to show you that it’s ALL possible.
Through our hand selected panel of specialist lenders, we can help you get the prestige or luxury car of your choice, with the right finance options to suit your needs. These can be made bespoke to your needs through personal customisation.
One of the other ways we can help raise funds, is to utilise a high value vehicle or collection of vehicles that you own in its entirety to purchase that addition to the collection or indeed help with a restoration project you have ongoing.
Things to remember about our team here at Leodis Financial when looking for the finance partner to help you:-

    Why Assets Finance?

    For our services, we do not charge a fee. We will normally receive a commission from any lender we recommend to you with either a fixed fee or a fixed percentage of the amount you borrow. To give you peace of mind, all of the lenders with whom we operate may pay commission at varying rates. We do have some influence over interest rates with some lenders, and this can influence the value bringing in the agreement and the entire deal for you.