What is Van Finance?

If you use a van for work or for your own business, then we can help you find the right finance option to suit the business needs. We realise that it’s imperative for you to keep your business moving, so we will work on finding the right funding for you at the right time.

    Purchasing a Van on Lease

    Lease Purchase is a flexible solution for clients who want to make monthly payments that are manageable.
    Monthly payments are computed using a specified contract period, estimated miles, and estimated vehicle worth at the contract’s end. You can either buy the vehicle by settling the remaining value or you can sell the vehicle and settle the residual money, or return it at the end of the contract term.

    Purchasing a Van on Hire Purchase

    Hire Purchase is a method of financing the purchase of a new or used car. You generally pay a down payment, then monthly payments until the vehicle’s worth is paid off, from that point the ownership of the van is given to you.

    Purchasing a Van on Finance Leasing

    Finance Lease is a long-term rental agreement that allows you to use a commercial vehicle while avoiding the obstacles of ownership. Finance Lease contracts are divided into two categories: ‘balloon’ payback and full payout.
    The Full payout spreads the borrowed amount evenly across the duration whereas, in the ‘Balloon’ repayment option allows you to delay a portion of the vehicle’s worth until the end of the contract, resulting in cheaper monthly rental repayments.