What is Vehicle Sourcing?

Asset Finance is an exclusive UK vehicle sourcing firm with a team with years of experience in the automotive sector.
The goal of Asset Finance is to make your car and van buying journey for our clients as painless and joyful as possible by taking care of all the tedious work, reviewing and presenting the finest bargains available in the UK, and then introducing you to the dealer that offers the best price. We don’t just recommend the cheapest price to clients since we value the whole package and after-sales support (this is what sets us apart from the competition).
We’ll keep you informed throughout the procedure and ensure that you comprehend everything that happens.


We can also accept part-exchanges to make the procedure even smoother. Unlike other dealers, we will provide you with the most accurate estimate the first time, which you may use for any vehicle you buy from us. Our team can easily help you with an estimate over the phone or via email.
We not only get you your desired vehicle we also arrange for all of the optional extras you desire, such as roof racks, tow bars, ply lining etc.. All of this is completed before the vehicle is presented to your doorstep. This guarantees that the vehicle is fit for purpose as soon as it arrives, whether it is for business or personal use.

    Why Assets Finance?

    For our services, we do not charge a fee. We will normally receive a commission from any lender we recommend to you with either a fixed fee or a fixed percentage of the amount you borrow. To give you peace of mind, all of the lenders with whom we operate may pay commission at varying rates. We do have some influence over interest rates with some lenders, and this can influence the value bringing in the agreement and the entire deal for you.