What is Soft Asset Financing?

Soft asset financing is a flexible option for getting the accessories and software your company needs to run and expand. Soft assets are vital to the operation of the business. They are crucial to its effective administration and organisation ‚Äď often classified as IT infrastructure and software, security features, furniture, and fixtures. Many types of financial agreements are offered, and the best choice will rely on the company’s specific goals.
Our company can assist you in buying various soft assets because of our broad network of financiers. By collaborating with specialised financial providers, we offer cost-effective leases and hire purchasing agreements for your soft assets. It will result in a better-equipped, more effective business that will also help you save some money.

Already Purchased Your Soft Asset?

Relax; we can still assist. If you’ve purchased the asset within the past three months and have a record of purchasing, with our Sale & Lease Back options, you can refinance your assets and receive your capital expenditure back.

Want More Info On Soft Asset Financing?

If you need any further support, do get in touch with us. Our tailored approach can help you locate Soft Asset Finance that is scaled to match your turnover and other requirements.

    Examples of Soft Assets

    In the workplace

    • Computers and Printers
    • Cellular Phones
    • Software and management systems, such as cloud-based phone software and account management systems
    • Air conditioners and heaters
    • Vending & Coffee Machines
    • Office Furniture
    • Electric supplies
    • Other assets which fall into this category

    For Your Business

    • Using Rooftop Solar Panels
    • CCTV (closed circuit television) systems
    • Alarm Systems for Security
    • Fascias and fittings
    • CHP units and biomass boilers
    • Racking for warehouses and storage
    • Roller doors
    • Alarm Systems for Fire safety
    • Containers/storage units

    For Tradespeople

    • Tools
    • Spraying Booth
    • Garage diagnostics